Tim's Take on the 102A by Threadfast

Unbelievably priced triblend that is everything you expect a triblend to be without compromises.  It's the least expensive triblend I've ever come across AND it has sustainable cotton and recycled materials to boot.   Soft, lightweight shirt with a touch of Rayon to be a great shirt you want to wear every day it's clean, and some times when it's not.  Comparable touch and feel to the Bella Canvas 3001cvc , with a considerable savings that you will feel with your wallet.  Make sure to have this one quoted out whether you are looking at a less expensive shirt like the Threadfast 100a , Belle Canvas 3001 or Next Level 3600 .   Yes this shirt will cost more than those, however for the extra money you get a lot, and you will be helping save the planet.  For every case of shirts Threadfast sells they plant one tree, and last year they were able to plant 46,000 trees, and that's something that I can get behind.


We are proud members of the BCI/Better Cotton Initiative. Our cotton products support more sustainable cotton farming. Better Cotton is sourced via a system of Mass Balance. Learn more.


Threadfast is using a polyester fiber made from recycled materials, including plastic bottles. Compared to virgin fiber, recycled poly uses less petroleum, emits fewer greenhouse gases and conserves water and energy, making a big difference for our future.


Retail Fit

4.2 oz.

32’s Triblend Jersey

50% Recycled Polyester 38% Cotton 12% Rayon

Short Sleeve Crew neck

Size S to 3XL


Tear away label