Embroidery What's it good for?

Embroidery what's a good for?

Embroidery is the classic look of professionalism that every business wants to present its timeless impressive and makes your business show to everyone that your business cares about the way it presents itself.

The great thing about embroidery is it doesn't get charged by How many colors your logo has. It actually gets charged by the amount of stitches in your logo. What that means is your three and a half inch conservative size left chest embroidery can have a gigantic impact on your customer when you're shaking their hand it tells them you're in business to stay and embroidery shows that.

Our six heads Tajima embroidery machine is able to turn out a half-dozen shirts at a time to dress your employees professionally. Timothy Ink would like to offer this service to your business Landscaping company plumbing company HVAC company or nonprofit, brewery or mechanic shop. Whatever your business is your employees look better in the uniform embroidered at Timothy Ink.